Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Flip Wallet Mini Album

 Hello fellow crafters! Just checking in to post this flip wallet mini album that I made for Authentique.  I used their Natural collection which is composed of primarily a teal color paired up with earth tone colors.

After browsing Pinterest for a bit I noticed that there are several 'flip' minis or 'wallet' minis that seem to be in style lately--so based on a couple of minis that I saw on Pinterest I decided to give it a try.

The album measures 6 1/2" x 6 1/4".  I had 1" white Velcro circles with sticky backing in my stash.  I used one of these Velcro circles to keep my album closed.

All flowers/vine seen on the cover are by Petaloo.  I left the metal ornate frame empty for now--but this will hold a name for the mini.

Let's take this flip album step by you start to flip open the pages (this album flips open like a book both vertically & diagonally) you start to see all the different layers this little album consists of.
 This is what it looks like when you initially open the album by flipping open the cover.
Next you flip open the two top inner flaps revealing yet another level of yeah, you guessed it--more flip pages!  :-)
 Flip open one more layer & we have the base, two more sides and one more flip page with a pocket at the bottom. 
I've used the pocket to hold a couple of cutouts from the Natural collection that I've turned into tags.   
 I've added two additional side pockets that flip out as well to the two side bottom flip pages.
 Here's an example of what the small side tag pockets look like.   I love having little pockets in minis to store my thoughts/story/journaling.  A mini isn't a mini unless there's a story behind it!

 What I loved the most about this particular mini is that it's meant to hold a bit of dimensional embellishments.  As you can see from this side view--it's about a 1/2" thick--this gives you a little bit of wiggle room to add a bit of dimensional flowers or embellies to the photos you add to the mini.  I love adding dimension to my work--so this album works particularly well for me.

There are several examples of all kinds of flip/wallet minis out on the internet--I tend to pull inspiration from different places to come up with a version that best fits my needs.

I hope to create a tutorial on how to create the base for this mini soon.

These minis make for wonderful gifts as well.  In fact, I've made a couple of these for friends as gifts.  They make for great keepsakes & add a personal touch to your gift.

Thanks for stopping by & enjoy the rest of the week!


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