Monday, October 28, 2013

Mini Accordion Journaling Booklet Tutorial

One of the main reasons that I began to scrapbook was to have a way to capture memories throughout my life.  I wanted a creative way to document life events & milestones in my life that I want to remember & to pass down to future generations.  Because of this, I absolutely love to include journaling into my work.  What I realized is that the more I crafted the more story telling I had!  So I've come up with a couple of different ways to store my journaling onto my page & at the same time still keep it private.  Here's one such example...

A mini accordion booklet provides you with a large amount of space to write down or print your thoughts or story & it takes up a small amount of space!  What I like the most about these little booklets is that they add a unique embellishment to your projects.

This tutorial shows how I go about creating these versions of accordion mini booklets.

Let's get started...

Pattern Paper: (4) 2 ¼”  x 3 ¼ “
Chipboard: (2) 2 ¼” x 3 ¼”
Cardstock: (1) 2” x 10” (optional 2 pieces)

Step 1: Cut out your pattern paper & chipboard pieces.  NOTE: Grungeboard can be used as well.
With double sided tape adhere a piece of ribbon to what is going to be the back of the journaling book as shown.  The ribbon should be adhered centered onto the chipboard meaning both ends should be somewhat equal.  This is what you’re going to tie together to keep the booklet closed.   NOTE: the ribbon is adhered to the inside of the back cover.

Step 2: Adhere the pattern papers to the front & back of the booklet covers.  
Step 3: This step is optional.  Ink all edges of your booklet covers to make them stand out more.

Step 4: Take the 2” x 10” card stock and score at 2”, 4”, 6” & 8”.  Then fold as shown.  If you need more room in your journaling book then take the 2nd piece of 2” x 10” card stock & do the same as shown.  I used 2 pieces of card stock for my booklet. 
If 2 pieces are used then cut out a 2” x 1” strip of card stock & score this strip in half.

Step 5: Join the two pieces of card stock by placing double sided tape onto both sides of the 2” x 1” strip.  Adhere the 2” x 10” pieces of cardstock onto either side of the 2” x 1” strip.  
Step 6: This is what your cardstock should look like when joined together.

Step 7: Adhere the 2” x 10” piece of cardstock to your covers & you’re done.  You can either handwrite your journaling or print out your journaling onto two pieces of 1 ¾” x 9 ¾” paper & adhere onto your booklet.  If you plan on handwriting your journaling ensure the card stock used for the pages of the booklet are light in color.  I opted to print my journaling out instead of handwrite it.  Here’s my finished booklet.

Embellish the covers of your journaling booklet to your liking.
 Side view of booklet.


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  1. Great idea for a fun way to get a lot of journaling in one place. Cute, too! Have a good weekend. :)


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