Thursday, October 31, 2019

A 'Twilight' Cascading Mini Album

Happy Halloween!  For today's post I've created another cascading mini album.  This one is a Halloween themed album made with the fabulously spooky yet charming 'Twilight' collection by Authentique.

I've done this type of project before & have also provided a tutorial on how I make these sort of albums.  I'll provide the link to my tutorial at the end of this post.  

Album is available for sale in my Etsy shop, The Midnight Kraft Desk. Feel free to visit my shop if interested!

My plan is to make both a Halloween & Christmas themed cascading mini album in order to show how this sort of album can be applied to any occasion.  All you need is a die that fits the intended design.  So here's my Halloween album, stay tuned for the Christmas one!

The album measures approximately 9 3/4" x 5 1/2" inches & has four 1/2" inch spines.  The base of the album is made from 110 lb black card stock.

For my Halloween border, I've used the Graveyard border Die by Tim Holtz.  Other than the different border die I've used--the rest of the album was put together following the same steps as seen in my video tutorial. 

The inside of the album consists of several pockets, swing pockets, belly bands, tags & I was even able to include one waterfall this time.  This provides for several places to store photos, journaling and any other memorabilia.

To decorate the album, I've used several elements from the collection, including card stock stickers & 3" x 4" inch cut aparts that I've matted on black card stock.

The album consists of several tags & booklets.  The largest tag measures 7 1/2" x 5" inches and the smallest tags measure 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" inches.

There are two 'swing' pockets in this album.  One on either side of the tallest page in the album.  These pockets measure 5 1/4" x 3" inches.  

On one side of the tallest center page, there's one waterfall.  These can hold up to nine photos measuring up to 3" x 4" inches.

I hope this album inspires some of you to try your own cascading mini album.  It's a versatile technique that can be applied for any theme.

Below are two videos.  One is a walkthrough of the mini album and the second is for my cascading mini album tutorial.


Supplies: Paper - Authentique, Embellishments - Authentique, Die - Sizzix Tim Holtz,  Fabric Organza Star Flowers - The Midnight Kraft Desk, Other - Bakers Twine, Mini Glitter Spider, Mini Pine cone Spray

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Friday, October 18, 2019

A 'Scholastic' One Page Mini Album With Tutorial

For my latest Authentique DT project, I have a simple & quick mini album that can store multiple photos, journaling & other memorabilia.  All it takes to create this album is just one piece of 12" x 12" inch card stock!  

Mini album is available for sale in my Etsy shop, The Midnight Kraft Desk.  Feel free to visit my shop if interested.

I've made this project before with the 'Explore' collection.  Click here to revisit my first project using this technique. This time around I've provided a tutorial on how to create the base for this album.  You'll find the link to the video tutorial at the end of this post.

For this project, I've used the fabulous 'back to school' themed collection 'Scholastic'.  The album measures approximately 4" x 6" inches when closed.

The red organza star shaped flower decorating the cover of the the album is from my own stash & can also be found for sale in my Etsy shop The Midnight Kraft Desk.  Visit my shop for more star shaped flowers in different colors & for additional embellishments.

The album has a couple of fold out pages & several areas to store photos and/or journaling.

In the center of the album there are two swing pockets with a tag in each pocket.  Each pocket measures 4" x 3" inches.

The front folds out to reveal an inner pocket where I've tucked in a couple of cut apart cards from the 'Scholastic' collection.

There's a cut apart in the front panel that swings open revealing a place to store a photo.

The back mirrors the front & also consists of a pocket where I've tucked in a few more cut apart cards from the collection.

I've decorated two blue paperclips with tulle & mesh ribbon and use these clips to hold a couple of the stickers from the collection in place & to keep the swing cut aparts closed.

While prowling Pinterest I came across a tutorial that inspired me to make this mini. I altered it & added my own preferences but this is where I got the idea for this type of album. The tutorial is in on a French blog--but it does have English translations. You can find the tutorial here.

Supplies: Paper - Authentique, Embellishments - Authentique, Flowers - Petaloo, The Midnight Kraft Desk, Other - Ribbon, Paper Clips, Washi Tape, Tulle

Below are two videos.  One is a walk through of the mini album, the second video is my version of the tutorial.  Thanks for stopping by & enjoy!


Friday, August 16, 2019

A 'Mister' Dimensional Pop Up Star Mini Album With Tutorial

For today's project, I have a slightly different twist on the traditional 'star' mini album.  I've seen this type of mini album countless times in both Pinterest & YouTube.  However, a dimensional or 'pop up' version of this type of mini isn't as common.  

I saw photos for this particular style on Pinterest but could never find a tutorial for it.  So I recreated it 'my way'.  I'm happy with the end result.  At least it 'looks' like the photos I've seen.  So as far as I'm concerned "mission accomplished"!  :-)

For this project, I've used the 'Mister' collection.  A masculine themed collection that I absolutely loved working with.  I'm surrounded by men in my house.  So these sort of collections always works for me.

Mini album is for sale in my Etsy shop--The Midnight Kraft Desk.

In addition to the dimensional photo mats, I've added pockets, belly bands & flaps to the pages of this album.  There's much room within this mini for storing photos, journaling and any other sort of memorabilia.

The photo mats are designed to store 3" x 4" inch photos and/or wallet sized photos (2 1/2" x 3 1/2" or 2" x 3" inches).

This mini album was a bit difficult to photograph but I was able to capture a decent photo from the top.  Here you can see from where this mini gets its name from.  When viewed from the top, one can see the 'star' design the album forms once open.

This mini album is meant to be put on display on a shelf, table, desk etc...

The photo mats are removable.  They can be removed from the base of the mini by gently sliding them out from their holding place.  The key here is the word 'gentle'.  The base of the mini is card stock after all.  So it can rip or tear if handled roughly.  However, the idea of this mini is that once the photos are added there really will not be a need to remove the photo mats anymore--but if needed, it can be done!

Though the mini album is meant to be put on display--it does fold closed for flat storage.  When closed this mini measures 6 1/2" x 4" inches.

Below you'll find two videos.  One showcases the mini & the other is a tutorial showing how the base of this mini is made.



Tuesday, July 9, 2019

A 'Blizzard Book' Recipe Mini Album Made With 'Ingredient'

Today's post is a mini album (no surprise there) :-) made in the style of a 'blizzard book'.  I've used the cute culinary-themed collection 'Ingredient' by Authentique for this mini.  Mini album is for sale in my Etsy shop, The Midnight Kraft Desk.

The mini measures 6 1/4" x 4 3/4" inches & I've designed it so that one can store several recipe cards & even photos if desired.

For the most part, I've kept the cover simple.  I've only decorated it with a couple of wooden spoon embellishments that I had in my stash, a pair of ribbon star-shaped flowers & one white cherry blossom mulberry paper flower.  The album is held closed with red ribbon.

For the binding of the mini, I've used the 'blizzard book' technique.  This is a technique that I first found while browsing through Pinterest.  I'm not sure exactly from where this type of binding came from--but since I've discovered it--I've seen several different types of variations on this binding technique.  If you Google 'blizzard book tutorial' you'll come across several blog posts & video tutorials.  I'll provide the link here to the blog post I followed to make my binding.  It's in a different language--but I was able to understand based on the photos.  You can find that blog post here.

I also quickly went through YouTube & found this video to be the most helpful.  This style of binding is also seen as a form of origami fold.  Whichever approach you use--I found this sort of binding to be perfect if you're looking to create a mini album in a short amount of time.  Even though the binding & technique for this mini is simple, I found that you're able to store a good amount of items within it.

There are five pages measuring 4 3/8" x 6" inches.  Each page opens up & provides room to store up to 4 photos and/or recipes.  I've also included several cut-a-parts & sticker elements from the paper collection to further decorate the album.

This collection also comes with a page that's full of 4" x 6" inch recipe cards!  These were perfect add-ons for this mini.  I've cut the cards apart & have tucked one behind each of the pages.

Here's a top view of the binding.  I found that thick paper like the ones Authentique produces is perfect for this type of folding technique.  The thickness of the paper keeps it from ripping & creates a sturdy hold.

Supplies: Paper - Authentique, Embellishments - Authentique, Fabric Flowers - The Midnight Kraft Desk, Other - Wooden Kitchen Utensils, Ribbon, Mulberry Paper Flowers

Below is a video showcasing the mini.  Hope this inspires some of you to give this type of mini a try.  Enjoy! 


Sunday, April 14, 2019

An Easter Layout With 'Abundant'

Today's post is an Easter-themed layout made with the 'Abundant' collection by Authentique.  The photo is of my son & the Easter bunny taken on Easter 2017.  It's one of the cutest photos I have of my son & had been wanting to scrap it for some time.  The 'Abundant' collection provided that opportunity--plus it took me back to where I started with scrapbooking--which are good ol' fashioned layouts.

I hadn't done a layout in a long time.  It felt refreshing to create one again.  I added many bits & bobs, embellishments  & Easter themed tidbits to decorate my page.  In my stash, I had this mini nest complete with little eggs inside.  I also used several fabric & mulberry flowers in colors that added a bit of 'pop' to my page.  The orange star-shaped fabric flower is from my Etsy shop, 'The Midnight Kraft Desk'.

The base of the page was made by tearing the designer paper diagonally.  I ripped the paper with my hands in order to make the tear look as 'natural' as possible.  I then distressed & inked the edges.  The ink was a pearlescent dark brown ink that added a bit of shimmer to the edges.  Peeking out from underneath is an 8" inch white doily.  

The designer paper was then rolled up & is held in place with a dab of hot glue.

There's a bit of tulle tucked underneath the mini nest & as part of my journaling tag that 'softens' the look & feel of the layout.

Something else that I like to do is create these rolled up embellishments to further decorate my page. It's a way to add something different to a layout & also to use up any leftover scraps.

All of my layouts have some sort of journaling within them.  I tend to figure out unique or different ways of storing the journaling.  For this layout, I opted to store my journaling in a small kraft envelope that is also part of the layouts' base.

The banner seen here was fussy cut from one of the 'Abundant' papers & adhered with pop dots in order to give it some dimension.

The splatters were made with black liquid ink from my stash & some jute string was added to add a bit of visual flow to the page.

Supplies: Paper - Authentique, Resin Bird - Prima, Other - Jute String, Doily, Mulberry Paper Flowers, Fabric Flowers, Mesh Ribbon, Tulle, Mini Bird's Nest

Thanks for stopping by & I hope this layout inspires some of you to document those precious memories!


Friday, March 15, 2019

A 'Swaddle' Baby Boy & Baby Girl Exploding Box With Tutorial

For today's project I have my very first try at an exploding box.  I've used both the baby boy & baby girl versions of the 'Swaddle' collection by Authentique for these projects.

I got the idea for this sort of exploding box from a YouTube video that I saw promoting a die that creates the cuts for this style of box.  The origin of the die is in the United Kingdom.  I loved what the die did & I searched for it here in the states--but was not able to find it.  I found a shop in the UK that would ship worldwide but found it a bit costly to have it shipped here.  In the end I decided to try my own version of what this die creates & these exploding boxes would be the end result.

It's a bit more work but I like how they came out.  What I like best about creating your own--is the flexibility of this project.  You can make the boxes bigger or smaller--you'd just have to adjust the measurements based on what size box you decide to make.

The boxes measure 4 3/4" x 4 3/4" inches & are approximately 3" inches deep.  These exploding boxes open up to reveal four smaller boxes.  The four inner smaller boxes measure approximately 3" x 3" inches.

The smaller boxes can be used to store several types of different items.  Anything from chocolates to mementos, memorabilia, photos, trinkets...just about any sort of bits & bobs can be stored.  These would make for a really cute baby shower gift and just think of the possibilities when you make these in a different theme--such as for Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day etc...

Here's the baby girl version.  I kept the decorating of these boxes similar for both the boy & girl versions.  The baby girl exploding box is available for sale in my Etsy shop The Midnight Kraft Desk.

This baby rattle 'shaker' was made from one of the 3" x 4" inch cut a-parts from the collection.  I had circle dies in my stash that matched the diameter of the baby rattle in the cut a-part...from there I created a miniature shaker & then fussy cut the rattle from the cut a-part & adhered it to the lid with pop dots to give it some dimension.

I love collecting mini items of just about everything.  :-)  Mini flocked teddy bears, ducks, bunnies, mushroom birds, mini lambs...anything in miniature I collect.  As you can see, they make for such a cute embellishment for these sort of projects!

I also loved the fact that for both boxes, the 4" x 4" inch cut a-part that I used as the base for my boxes places the face of the baby images right in the middle so they are visible from top.  This was such an awesome coincidence!

Supplies: Paper - Authentique, Embellishments - Authentique, Fabric Flowers - The Midnight Kraft Desk, Other - Felt Flowers, Mulberry Paper Flowers, Sequins, Seed Beads, Rhinestone Frame

Below you will find two videos.  One is an overview of both boxes.  The second is a tutorial showing how I went about creating the base for these boxes.  Thanks for stopping by & enjoy!