Friday, July 6, 2018

A 'Freedom' Start Effect Card

In going through my usual strolls on Pinterest I came upon this unusual, yet eye-catching card design. From what I've seen, it's called a 'Star Effect Card'. It's a standing card that can be displayed on a desk or shelf & has a 'star' design which is where I'm assuming it got it's name from.

Card is available for sale in my Etsy shop--The Midnight Kraft Desk.  Feel free to visit if interested.

I've used papers from Authentique's 'Freedom' collection to make the card.

This card was made for Authentique to commemorate Memorial day; however the design of this card would fit in nicely with the upcoming 4th of July holiday as well.  I followed a really great tutorial I found on YouTube for making the card. You can find the tutorial here.

Card measures approximately 5" x 5" inches when standing & can fold flat. It fits into a 6" x 6" inch envelope for mailing.

Memorial Day is a time to reflect & be thankful for all the men & women that sacrificed so much for this country. Being a second generation immigrant; I feel nothing but grateful for what this country has given me. Thanks to the opportunities this country offers, I've been able to become the first person in my family to earn a college degree. Not only do I have a Bachelors degree but pursued my education further & I also have a Masters. These opportunities would've exist if it weren't for all those men & women that fought for our freedom.

My parents who are first generation immigrants are now American citizens & they often tell me how even though it wasn't easy for them; they're still grateful for being able to work & earn a living. They became more than what they imagined they could be when they made the decision to relocate back in the early 70's.

The two pieces that criss cross in the front of the card can be removed--so one can write a sentiment inside the card if desired.

I opted to add a very small pocket inside the card where one can write a small sentiment. 

Supplies: Paper - Authentique, Other - Mini Gold Pocket


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