A One Page Mini Album Tutorial

This tutorial is for creating a 4" x 6" inch mini album made from just one 12" x 12" inch sheet of card stock.

A Dimensional Pop Up Star Mini Album Tutorial

This project adds a slight twist to the traditional star mini album by adding a dimensional or 'pop up' element to it.  Album provides several places for storing photos, journaling and/or memorabilia.  The photo mats are designed to store 3" x 4" inch photos and/or wallet sized photos (2 1/2" x 3 1/2" or 2" x 3" inches).

Cascading Mini Album Decorative Border Tutorial

This tutorial specifically demonstrates how the decorative border is created with the use of dies.  In addition it shows the process used to create the cascading album.   The decorative border technique is versatile & can be applied with different types of border dies such as Bigz dies or Thinlits.

Criss Cross Accordion Pocket Tutorial

This technique adds a bit of a twist to the pocket mini album.  Each pocket is created by 'criss crossing' two sheets of paper resulting in expandable pockets allowing for several tags, journaling & memorabilia be stored into each pocket.  The technique used to make these pockets is what gave it it's name.

Fold Out Tag Mini Album Tutorial

A quick and easy to do mini album that can hold several regular or slightly cropped wallet photos (depending on the paper bags and/or die used for the pages of the mini). Pages of mini can flip open like a book or they can be extended into a version of a cascading mini.

Pop Up Mini Album

This project applies the same technique used for a 'Pop & Twist Card' but is enhanced to create a unique mini album.  This mini includes three 'pop up' panels & makes for a wonderful & unique keepsake.

Tri-fold Mini Album

This tutorial is for a tri-fold mini album.  It's a quick & simple way to create a special gift for someone or to store your own memories in a unique way.  Mini album can be made in any theme & can store several small photos plus journaling.

Accordion Zig Zag Mini Album

This tutorial is for a simple accordion zig zag style mini album.  Makes for an easy, yet fabulous keepsake and/or quick gift.  Mini album can be made in any theme & is meant to hold wallet sized (2" X 3") photos.

Ribbon Wreath Tutorial

For this project I created for Authentique--I provided a few tips on how to create a ribbon wreath.  This is a great project for those that have many scraps of ribbon in their stash.  I'll admit that it can be time consuming--but the end result is worth the effort!  You can find the tutorial here.

Pop Up Card Tutorial

A timeless classic--pop up cards have been around for a long time.  I remember making these as a child in grammar school.  Here's a simple tutorial on how to create a pop up card.  You can find the tutorial here

Easel Card With Two Drawers Tutorial

A tutorial on how to create an easel card with two different sized drawers.  These make for really sweet keepsakes or to add an extra special something to your basic card.  You can find the tutorial here.

Embroidery Floss Embellishment Tutorial

Embroidery floss can be used to add visual interest to any background.  The floss added to the background of this layout was created with the use of very long stitches & good ol' fashioned tape!  You can find the tutorial here.

My Firecracker Mini Album Tutorial 
This mini-album can hold up to 16 photos & measures approximately 4 1/2" inches in height!  It makes for a very cute keepsake and/or gift.  Find the tutorial here.

Thinking of You Criss Cross Card Tutorial 
A step-by-step tutorial on how to make a criss cross card.  Just go to this link here.

Mixed Media Chipboard Winter Trees Tutorial

 Lots of textures & dimension added onto chipboard trees especially made for a winter themed layout.  Find the tutorial here.

Alcohol Ink Splatter Tutorial

 Create this visually appealing & colorful background on acrylic with just a few drops of alcohol ink & a can of Dust Remover!  Find the tutorial here.

Mini Accordion Journaling Booklet Tutorial

Learn how to create a mini booklet to hold lengthy journaling or a story you wish to document.  This sort of journaling saves space on your page & adds a unique embellishment to your project!  Go to the tutorial here.

Marigold Tutorial

Learn how to create these simple marigold flowers with the use of a Spellbinders die, a bit of ink & lots of layers!  Go to the tutorial here.

Diamond Dust & Acrylic Tutorial

Acrylic mixed with Diamond Dust give off a wonderful effect.  Add a bit of alcohol inks & you're really getting some serious shimmery textures!  See how using acrylic in your arts & crafts can make for some very unique embellishments.  You can find the tutorial here.

Carnation Tutorial

Carnations are such a lovely & long lasting flower.  I went about creating these with the use of a Spellbinders die & a bit of ink.  Find the tutorial here.

Ruffled Flower Tutorial  

For these flowers I used an oldie but goodie die by Sizzix.  This die I've had in my stash for years collecting dust until I decided to figure out a way to get some use out of it.  This was the end result.  You can find the tutorial for these flowers here.

Scroll Journaling Tutorial

This has become my absolute favorite way to capture journaling on a layout.  You'll hardly find a page of mine without some kind of scroll journaling on it.  I found that it saves much space, is easy to make & can hold lengthy stories and/or thoughts.  What I like best about this kind of journaling is that it adds a unique embellishment to your project.  You can find the tutorial for this here.

Waterfall Journaling Tutorial 

This form of storing journaling is a bit more complex than the scroll journaling but it doubles as a means of storing multiple photos as well.  Taken from the concept of the 'waterfall card'--this is a 'waterfall' version meant for storing both photos & journaling.  Find the tutorial here.

Corner Punch Flowers Tutorial 
I was inspired to create these flowers after stumbling upon a blog post on the Fiskars website.  Fiskars used thier own punches to create a variety of pretty flowers.  I don't have too many Fiskars punches--but I do have many Martha Stewart ones.  So with the same concept presented on the Fiskars website I went ahead & created my version of 'corner punch' flowers.  Find the tutorial here.

Brick Texture Tutorial

To achieve the classic 'brick' texture I was inspired by the grunge master himself--Mr. Tim Holtz.  I altered his technique just a bit--but the end result is a 'grungy' version of a brick texture.  Find the tutorial here.

Burlap Flower Tutorial

I needed a masculine flower for a page I did a while back based on my husband & his two brothers.  I have many strips of burlap fabric in my stash & wanted to do a flower but did not want it to be flat--I wanted the flower to have dimension.  With this concept & by following a grunge board flower tutorial made by Tim Holtz--I came up with this 3D version of a burlap flower.  Find the tutorial here.

Glass Flower Tutorial

I absolutely love using transparencies on my pages.  There's something about a transparent embellishment that adds such a unique & appealing touch to any project.  The best part is that transparencies are really easy to use.  In this tutorial I've used a Tim Holtz die with transparencies, a black Sharpie & a white gel pen to create what I refer to as 'glass' flowers.  Find the tutorial here.

Faux Metal & Acrylic Flower Tutorial

For these poinsettias I used yet another oldie but goodie die by Sizzix in conjunction with both acrylic & aluminum foil to give it that faux metal look.  With just a bit of white acrylic paint & some crystal glitter, you can get a wintery poinsettia--perfect for any Holiday themed page.  You can find the tutorial here.

Holiday Ornaments Tutorial

While working on a Holiday page--I wanted to incorporate my version of a Christmas ornament.  I didn't want it to be opaque & I wanted it to have some shimmer to it.  So I ended up going to my trusty transparencies once again for the solution.  Simple circle ornaments can be made with a circle die, alcohol inks, transparencies & some glimmery embossing powder.  Find the tutorial here.

Leaf Glitter & UTEE Chipboard Tutorial

If you're looking for a very bright, shimmery & eye catching embellishment for your page--then this would be it.  To get this look I've combined chunky leaf glitter & UTEE (Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel) embossing powder.  The combination of these two elements results in a shimmery epoxy finish that adds pizzazz to any chipboard element.  You can find the tutorial here.

Double Lacing Tutorial

Lacing--now here's a technique that adds such a beautiful visual interest to any project.  You can do simple or complex lacing--whichever route you take, you'll end up with something lovely on your page.  For this lacing technique I've incorporated the use of two different colored ribbons & 'double laced' them together.  Find the tutorial here.

Frosted Flower Tutorial

 Vellum is another way to create interesting embellishments.  For these flowers I've combined vellum & glaze.  Combined, you get a 'frosty' texture which is where these flowers get their name from.  Find the tutorial here.

Spiral Flower Tutorial

My take on the ever classic spiral flower.  Find the tutorial here.

Burnt Edges Tutorial

This type of paper distressing is perfect for masculine pages.  They add a grungy, burnt look for the ultimate distressed touch.  For this one be prepared to get dirty--it's basically all done with your own hands.  You can find the tutorial here.

Dogwood Flower Tutorial

These dogwood flowers were made with a balloon punch & a bit of paper molding.  These are great for Spring themed pages.  You can find the tutorial here.

Curled Frame Tutorial

To add a bit of flair around a picture--how about curling the edges?  For this frame, we add a bit of a twist to simple paper rolling.  Find the tutorial here.

Spider Lacing Tutorial

A new twist to an old lacing technique.  The end result reminded me of a spider web--plus I used this type of lacing on a Halloween themed page--& that's where this lacing technique got it's name from.  You can find the tutorial here.

Snowy Tinseled Frame Tutorial

Perfect for those Holiday pages--this tutorial shows how to add a bit of 'snowy' tinsel around a photo making for a fabulous Christmas frame.  Find the tutorial here.

Water Color Paper Flowers Tutorial

These flowers were made with the use of the Tattered Florals Die by Tim Holtz, Perfect Pearls & Watercolor Paper.  Working with watercolor paper allows for a thick layer of Perfect Pearls to be added resulting in a very shimmery flower!  To see the tutorial, go here.

Water Color Paper Flowers Tutorial Take Two

I enjoyed working with water color paper so much that I decided to do a second flower with the use of watercolor paper, Perfect Pearls & a bit of shimmer & glam!  You can find the tutorial here.