Thursday, September 18, 2014

Pop Up Card Tutorial

Pop up cards is something that has been around for a very long time.  I remember creating these in arts & crafts class in grammar school.  It was because of these fond memories that I decided to revisit an old favorite & create a classic pop up card.  These are easy to create & give your cards a nice touch of dimensional interaction.

Onto the tutorial...

Step 1: You'll need two peice of 10" x 5" inch card stock & four pieces of designer paper cut at 4 3/4" x 4 3/4".
Step 2: Fold the card stock in half.  On the folded side draw pairs of parallel lines with a pencil as shown here.  Stagger the lengths of the parallel lines so that the embellishments adhered to them will vary in position along the card.  I suggest not making more than five pairs.  If you make too many then the pop up card will end up looking a bit cluttered.
Step 3: At this point adhere your designer paper to the inside of the card.  Ink the edges of the paper if you'd like.
Step 4: With your scissors cut along the pre-drawn parallel lines that were created earlier.  You should end up with strips as shown here.
Step 5:  Open up your card & push the strips out creating dimensional squares.  The front side of each square is where the embellishments will be adhered.

NOTE: If the designer paper curls up a bit along the cut strips as seen in this photo--simply apply a dot of clear dry glue & press the papers back down onto the strips in order to smooth them out.
Step 6: Apply the remaining two designer papers to the outside of the second folded card stock.  Then adhere the card stock with the cut strips to the inside of this second card.   NOTE: When adhering the card stock with the cut strips be careful not to put glue in the strip openings.  The glue will then get onto the outside part of the card & you may accidentally end up gluing your card closed or just leaking glue everywhere & making a mess!  I speak from experience!  :-)

Embellish both the inside & outside of your card as desired & you're done!

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  1. Sweet card Kay! Thanks for the tutorial, I would love to make one of these for my nieces and nephews.....I will bookmark this and come back....have a great weekend....;)


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